Millcreek Behavioral Health of Arkansas

Helping Children To Live Healthier, More Productive Lives. Millcreek is a premier provider of specially designed mental health care services for children and adolescents. We are a progressive organization with a unique emphasis on excellence in education and treatment. Our outstanding team instills family and community values, and meets the challenges of a changing world. The rewards of our work are reflected in the lives of the children we serve and the hearts of the people we touch.

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

Our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility specializes in treating many emotional disorders and behaviors such as: Severe acting-out behaviors, Bipolar, Depression, Mood Disorders, Aggression, Poor Impulse Control, Anxiety, High-Risk behaviors, Self-Injurious behaviors, Psychosis, ADHD/ADD, Oppositional-Defiance, Conduct Disorders, Parent- Child Conflict, Reactive Attachment, Inappropriate/Disruptive behaviors, Trauma Victim, and Post-Traumatic Stress.


If it were not for the therapist my daughter would not have had the success she did. Family therapy helped not only our daughter but us too. We were able to be open and honest with him without fear of judgment."

~ Mother of daughter in residential program