Professional Referrals

Millcreek Behavioral Health is a leading residential treatment center in Arkansas for children and teens struggling with mental and behavioral health issues, developmental disorders, and addiction.

Who We Work With

Millcreek Behavioral Healthcare receives referrals for our programs from a variety of different sources within our community. Patients are typically referred to us by guardians, DHS, juvenile courts, outpatient providers, private practice physicians, schools, and other hospitals. Once we receive a referral, our mobile assessor will meet with the patient and his or her guardian in order to obtain the assessment information. Additionally, we will gather information from the referral source, as well as the patient’s current treatment provider, and make specific requests for testing and previous treatment records when appropriate. At that time, our mobile assessors will be more than willing to answer any questions that one may have regarding the specific aspects of our programs.

Admissions Criteria

Referrals to our ICF/IID program must have:

  • Assessment
  • Previous IQ testing or psychological evaluation
  • Social security card, birth certificate, and Medicaid card
  • Documentation of past mental health treatment (outpatient and/or acute services)

For PRTF referrals, the recommendation for treatment is obtained from current treatment providers and other collaterals as needed. Our treatment team will then closely review all of the information received to ensure the appropriateness for our program. Referrals to our PRTF program must have:

  • Assessment
  • Recommendation for residential treatment by an outpatient provider
  • Social security card, birth certificate, and Medicaid card
  • Having a current psychological evaluation is preferable, but not required

PRTF referrals may have:

  • Previous acute care treatment for stabilization
  • Failed in the outpatient treatment setting
  • Displayed non-compliant / disruptive behaviors in the home and/or schools
  • Failed in other mental health treatment settings

For our ICF/IID program, an IEP and evaluation programming conference form will be obtained from the patient’s school, as will any testing results that have been done within the last three years. Our ICF/IID treatment team will then review all of the pertinent information to ensure that the patient is appropriate for our program and meets all of the necessary requirements. Once this has been confirmed, a pre-screening interview will be scheduled with the patient, the patient’s guardian, and the ICF/IID treatment team.

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The admissions staff at Millcreek strives to make the referral process run as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or believe that you have an appropriate referral, please contact our admissions coordinators at 1-866-591-4388.