Top Treatment Programs for Children & Teens in Arkansas

Millcreek Behavioral Health offers comprehensive residential treatment and education programs for children and teens struggling with mental and behavioral health issues, developmental disorders, and addiction.

Millcreek Behavioral Health is a residential treatment center that provides care through our diverse programs for children and adolescents who are suffering from a variety of mental health disorders and/or intellectual challenges. We offer a comprehensive therapeutic program with services that are provided by a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, case managers, licensed clinical therapists, registered nurses, nutritionists, and recreational therapists. Our treatment center offers a wide variety of treatment program options, including the following:

  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (PRTF), ages 6-17
  • Residential Program for the Intellectually Challenged (ICF/IID), ages 6-17
  • Educational Programs
  • Recreational Therapy

Our dedicated team of mental health professionals work hard to ensure that all patients, no matter what level of care they require or what unique needs they face, will receive the most effective and beneficial treatment possible. Our treatment programs and our treatment team will start you on the path to wellness and guide you and support you as you head towards the bright future that you deserve.